Whitening injection, secret of Korean girls' bright skin tone!


I just had whitening injection at Ppeum Myeongdong last saturday.

You might heard of the injection people said Beyonce had many times for skin brightening.
I don't know how many shots she had, but yes her skin tone is definitely brighter than she was before.

I'm not expecting to be visibly bright by only one session, but really wanted to try how it feels like.
Zoe reserved my appointment at Ppeum, its branch in Myeongdong (I stayed in L7 hotel, very close from the hotel!)

The whitening injection is known as Gluthatione (or snow white), working on liver detox and helping fatigue recovery.
I was also told that how it works on skin brightening is by reducing brown melanin pigment.
Koreans usually do that as 10 sessions package and do it in 2-3 days interval.

I used to see nurses in my country finding hard to find vein when giving shot (my vein is very weak), so I was bit worried...
The nurse at Ppeum found at once! I think probably it's the first time in my life lol.....
She said the injection works more effective when getting it fast, so the time totally took about 5mins? Very short.

I'm staying in Korea only 5 days so I can't have the recommended sessions.. but I think I like the fresh feeling after the injection.
I would like to comeback and do 1 more session before leaving Korea. Thanks Openbay for introducing this clinic and helping my arrangement!