QX MAX Brightening Program

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QX MAX Brightening Program

KRW 770,000 KRW 550,000

Brightening laser & Vitamin ampule treatment Package

Laprin’s best selling whitening combination; QX MAX laser toning with deep Vitamin C treatment. Fotona laser used for QX MAX Toning was developed from world-renowned European medical equipment company ‘FONOTA’. Unlike existing laser toning lasers that use NS (nanosec) unit short light to destroy pigmentation on epidermis, Fotona uses unique ‘Accelera mode (Top-hat beam)’ which allows three-dimensional treatment that was not available with other lasers. The heat comes from the laser reaches down to both epidermis and dermis, destroys pigmentation cell effectively. At the same time, it stimulates the fiber cell that produces Collagen so that multiple skin improvement is available; melasma, whitening, pore tightening, and also lifting. Then experienced esthetician carefully and fully permeates Vitamin C ampoule to balance the lasered skin and finish the treatment by applying Velvet mask for boosting effect. No wonder Korean girls keep their skin so bright and clear?

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What’s included

QX MAX Brightening Program includes;
> 1:1 Doctor counseling
> In-hospital Medical translation service
> QX-MAX Toning Laser (full face)
> Vitamin C Ampoule Treatment
> Velvet skin Treatment
> Tax refund

Program duration: 1hr
1. Doctor counseling
2. Explanation by consultant
3. QXMAX Brightening Program comprising;
- Step 01: Deep cleansing
- Step 02: Skin exfoliation (mild peel)
- Step 03: QX MAX toning laser
- Step 04: Vitamin C ampolue treatment
- Step 05: Premium Velvet mask (20mins)
- Step 06: Apply moisturizing cream and sunscreen
4. Finish


- Using complex spot laser suitable for different skin condition, targeted pigmentation selectively treated
- Cooling system protects skin surface so worries for any possible damage or recovery are minimized
- Using total combined whitening wavelength that are customized for each individual
- Skin elasticity and pigmentation skin condition at the same time
- Available for any age
- Almost no pain compared to other strong brightening lasers
- Boosted brightening effect with combining Vitamin C solution and Velvet mask
- No worries for swelling, bruises, redness or scar after treatment

How to book

1. Click "Free Consultation" button for your request
2. OpenbayMed will contact you (by email or phone) in 24 hours (during weekdays)
3. 1:1 Medical Concierge Service manager will assist your consultation and hospital reservation
4. You will receive Reservation Confirmation Letter once your schedule is confirmed
5. Present your Reservation Confirmation Letter at hospital

Important Notes
* This offer requires advanced reservation
* Please bring your passport to hospital visit. You may be asked to identify yourself
* Cannot be combined with any other coupon, sale or promotional benefits with another promotion or discount

About the Medical Institution

Based on foundation of largest beauty medical group in Korea, Lamar Network, for the last 18 years, LaPrin Aesthetic Medical has been devoted to mastering comprehensive beauty programs what just all women need. Not only doctors at LaPrin keep unremitting study on technology and their skills, but also patient’s satisfaction after treatments will be higher with its high-tech equipment’s such as indoor Stemcell laboratory, Antera 3D, VISIA, VSERlipo system or etc.

Operating Hours
Mon-Wed 10:00AM-7:00PM
Thur-Fri 10:00AM-9:00PM
Sat 10:00AM-4:00PM

* Closed on Sundays and public holidays


a) Is it painful?
- You could expect more pain as you have more pigmentation, however, it is mostly done without anesthesia since accompanying not much discomfort during the program.

b) I have tone-downed dull skin, will the laser work on my face too?
- Yes, of course. The laser breaks the pigmentation cells inside of skin and makes skin tone not whiter but brighter.

c) I would like to have the program with my daughter, high schooler. Is there any age limit?
- Lasers do not greatly impact on growing so there is no age limit for this program.

e) What are the after care for this program?
- Apply good amount of moisturizer and must wear sunscreen when going outside.

e) Will I be able to do outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming? I’m planning to have the program during my trip to Korea.
- There is no problem with doing such activities, however, you are recommended to use sunscreen more frequently.

f) Will I have visible effect by only one session?
- Depending on your original condition, you maybe recommended to repeat the laser for maximum effect however one session would still give you improvement on your skin.

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