Scalp Scaling Therapy

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Scalp Scaling Therapy

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Scalp deep refreshing spa

New Developed Scalp, Hair-loss, Hair-care treatment program from the cutting-edge Stem-Cell technology that are designed to resolve the fundamental causes of the problems. Leading-edge biomedical advancements meet the wisdom of oriental herbal medicine in Chaum’s Scalp Scaling Therapy program. An extract from Alotide, a tripetide of Vitamin C and copper that has been scientifically proven to aid hair grown, combined with herbs and botanicals delivers rejuvenating nutrients to the cells and hair follicles of the scalp. It turns your troubled scalp into healthy scalp, dull and dry hair into healthy, elastic hair while preventing your hair loss. Through use of cutting-edge therapies, its experienced spa technicians gently introduce Stem-Cell science to your scalp and skin to help maintaining your youth and beauty.

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What’s included

Scalp Scaling Therapy includes;
> 1:1 Evercell specialist counseling
> In-hospital medical translation service
> Free Scalp Analysis
> Scalp scaling therapy
> Tax refund

Program duration: 1-1.5hrs
1. Hair spa manager counseling
2. Scalp Analysis
3. Getting dressed
4. Scalp Scaling Therapy comprising;
- Scalp Ion-steaming and relaxation
- Spritzing your scalp with hydrogen water
- Cleansing hair and scalp with steamer
- Scalp scaling liquid treatment
- Liquid treatment to remove dead skin cells
- Bubble hair pack to clean out the follicles
- Head massage
- Shampoo and dry
5. Aftercare product consultation
6. Finish


- Private spa room
- Customized spa plan for individual
- 1:1 specialist from the start to the end
- Pain-free scalp cleansing, but definite result
- Natural boosting of immune system
- Lustrous and elastic hair

How to book

1. Click “Free Consultation” button for your request
2. OpenbayMed will contact you (by email or phone) in 24 hours (during weekdays)
3. 1:1 Medical Concierge Service manager will assist your consultation and hospital reservation
4. You will receive Reservation Confirmation Letter once your schedule is confirmed
5. Present your Reservation Confirmation Letter at hospital

Important Notes
* This offer requires advanced reservation 
* Please bring your passport to hospital visit. You may be asked to identify yourself
* Cannot be combined with any other coupon, sale or promotional benefits with another promotion or discount

About the Medical Institution

Chaum, the futuristic & luxurious life center of CHA Medical Group, had opened a new chapter in “Total Healthcare’ by merging Eastern and Western medicine that comprehensively cares for the health of body and mind. Chaum offers New Anti-aging management system through 12 different senility test categories to assess function of the brain, cells, immune system, capillary flow, autonomic nervous systems, and hormones. Its advanced gene analysis test based on genetic mapping to understand the aging process and potential health risks, Chaum is aiming for comprehensive health and well-being services for prevention, testament and management of diseases. 

Operating Hours
Mon-Fri 8:30AM-5:30PM
Sat 8:30AM-12:30PM

* Closed on Sundays and public holidays


a) Do I have to wash my hair before visit? 
It is not important weather you wash your hair or not before your visit. But if you are getting Scalp Scaling Therapy program, you don't have to wash your hair on the day of your visit.

b) Is scalp scaling painful?
It is not painful at all. Soft cotton wands are used for cleansing the scalp.

c) Is it okay for kids to get the treatment?
It is safe for kids to get the treatment, especially for teenagers whose scalp is too oily and have dandruff. There’s no age limit for this program.

d) There seems to be more than 1 hair spa programs at Chaum. Which one should I go for?
Yes, Chaum has three different Hair Spa Special programs; Scalp Relaxation program, Scalp Dermis Restoration Program, and Scalp Follicle Treatment Program. First one is most generally popular regardless ages and genders, however, you can also consider second and third options if having damaged condition or hair-loss problem. You’ll meet hair spa special consultant before the program to see what is the most suitable for your condition.

e) I’m coming with my family, but only me getting treatment. Any place for my family’s fun?
Chaum itself is one big luxurious building where you can eat, play and shop while getting medical treatments. It has food court and organic grocery shopping places (B1), Bakery & luxurious restaurants (1F), Medical zone (2F), Anti-aging zone (3F), Organic food therapy cuisine ‘Les Trois’ (2F), and more. It is also close to other entertaining areas like Garosu-gil and COEX.